We specialise in one thing and

we do it exceedingly well

We design web pages, lead pages and sales funnels for business owners, entrepreneurs and online

marketers – those who are actively marketing their business online – and want to do it better.

Who we are

GYBO Hosting is owned and operated by Vijay Vellaisamy. Vijay has been designing and helping clients grow their businesses for over 12 years.
If your business requires a web page that:
Is designed and written by experts; Is built to convert; Doesn’t include an up-front cost; Is affordable; Can be cancelled at any time; Requires minimum input from you. Then you’ve come to the perfect place!

What we do

We design web pages for business owners who are actively marketing their business. We’ll listen to the problems and goals that you have. We’ll help you identify who your prospects are, what they need, and how to turn more of them into your customers. We’ll help you figure out how to make your web page work for your business.

Why We Do

At GYBO Hosting, we believe there is a better way to do marketing. So everyone should have access to quality online presence regardless of where you are, who you are, and how much you can spend. We’re excited to simplify the process of building your business online!

How We Do

Gybohosting offers website leasing option to our customers. It’s a facility whereby you pay monthly instead of a one-time outright payment which may not be convenient at the time. It’s a platform that gives you the opportunity to build, promote and maintain a successful online presence while you pay monthly. This monthly plan is specially designed to help business owner and organization to get a custom website developed inclusive of web hosting.

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